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Sports Museums facing COVID-19

As you know, we are facing a new challenge. Museums were severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak due to the containment measures implemented by local authorities. Sports museums are no different and face high levels of uncertainty surrounding their future.

Having in mind the reopening, in a date not yet determined, ISMA leaves some recommendations/measures to adopt by the museums that will reopen and the ones who remain open, in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Follow the links bellow:

Museum facilities: decrease the spread on your museum

Leaving without knowing when you’re going to return? A manual to ensure that your collection is going to be safe

Communicate with your public: a better and more efficient digital approach

And we are back to the museum! A plan of action for post-crisis

And remember:

  • Follow the recommendations of the health authorities regarding measures of social detachment, hand hygiene, and respiratory etiquette.

  • Each museum must have its own contingency plan with the definition of procedures in case of suspected contamination and evacuation plan of the building and first aid if necessary.

  • It’s important to pass on prevention measures to all employees, in order to prevent situations of panic or alarm, as well as to ensure that all staff is informed about the appropriate action to take regarding hygiene and safety protocols, knowledge and use of protection equipment available.

We hope that these suggestions can be useful to overcome these difficult times.

Please note these are only key planning advices for museums and do not replace the recommendations of the local health authorities.

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