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Sevilla FC History Experience

Get to know more about our member Sevilla FC Museum:

Founded in 1890, Sevilla FC is one of the oldest and most successful clubs at the European level. Throughout all these years, Sevilla FC has been characterized by the special attention they have placed in caring for the club’s own past, treasuring a rich historical heritage. This commitment to the history of the entity has materialized in the organization of numerous activities with which to pay tribute to that glorious past and to all those who have contributed to making Sevilla FC what the club is today.

In 2011, Sevilla FC was a pioneer in Spain in the creation of its own history department, with functions such as researching and spreading the history of the entity or the cataloging and conservation of its historical heritage. As a result of this work and the club's strong commitment to its own history, in 2018 the Sevilla FC Museum was inaugurated, with the official name of “Sevilla FC History Experience”, which is part of the Sevilla FC Stadium Tour, where visitors can also discover different areas of the Ramón Sánchéz-Pizjuán Stadium (VIP Suit, VIP Boxes, Press Room, Home Changing Room, Players’ Tunnel, Benches, etc.).

Regarding the museum itself, visitors begin by taking a tour in chronological order, from the founding of the club in 1890 to the present. Throughout this tour, they can contemplate different belongings, trophies, and original documents from the end of the 19th century to the most recent conquest of the UEFA Europa League 2019/20. The museum also offers visitors the possibility not only to discover the history of the club through different interactive panels but also the possibility to experience it and feel it through other multimedia devices.

The Sevilla FC Museum is also conceived as a living entity, in continuous evolution, through the organization of temporary and thematic exhibitions or the renewal of content. Additionally, the museum also offers a pedagogical value, since it tries to connect the history of the club with the history of the city, Spain, and Europe, thus trying to promote learning for young students.

Finally, for all those who cannot travel to the museum or who, after visiting it, wish to delve into the history of the entity, Sevilla FC also has a wide section on its official website, which covers in full detail the club’s history, its legends, stadiums, presidents, coaches, honors, etc.

Find out more about Sevilla FC History Experience on their website:

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