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Museum facilities: decrease the spread on your museum

Today we are facing a new challenge. Museums were severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak due to the containment measures implemented by local authorities. Having in mind the reopening, in a date not yet determined, we leave some recommendations to adopt by the museums that will reopen and the ones who remain open, in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Occupation of space

  • Maintain the safety distance and restricted access to enclosed spaces according to local authorities’ guidelines

  • Reorganise the visitors’ movement inside the museum to avoid queues and people agglomeration

  • Choose a pre-registration system to limit the number of visitors that can be inside the museum at once: visitors should be able to register visiting time slot in advanced

  • Use floor signs to ensure that your visitors maintain a safe physical distance during the visit to your museum

Review of cleaning standards

  • Regular cleaning of surfaces with disinfectants of proven effectiveness (entrance counter, turnstiles, handrails, handles, showcases, touch screens, vending machines, etc.)

  • Regular cleaning of spaces (bathrooms, amphitheatre, auditorium, shop, cafeteria, exhibition area, reserved areas, etc.)

Protection/Personal hygiene

  • Provide disinfectant products near the entrance for visitors and staff

  • Adopt solutions that favour non-manual equipment (automatic doors, taps with sensors, etc.)

  • Keep the doors open to avoid contact with handles

  • Reinforce recommendations on hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette by placing instructions/posters on the entrance, inside the building and bathrooms

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