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Museo Fiorentina new website

Our member Museo Fiorentina is pleased to announce that their new website is online:

Read the David Bini, Museo Fiorentina’s president, statement about the new website.

This new website is the result of two years of work, it has the aim to show the history of Fiorentina to the visitors from all over the world, through the stories, the testimonies of the protagonists, the historical documents, the memorabilia that accompanied the deeds of our players.

The history of Fiorentina is a heritage that belongs to all sportsmen and all the volunteers of the Museo Fiorentina have been working for years to restore the splendor it deserves, we celebrate the birthday of our eternal flag, Giancarlo Antognoni, on 1 April 2021, by inaugurating the website that tells the Fiorentina Story.

Happy viewing everyone!

David Bini


Museo Fiorentina

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