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Museo della Storia del Genoa

Our member the Genoa Museum represents the cultural home of Genoa Cricket & Football Club, the first team of Italy, founded on 7 September 1893.

Located in the heart of the Porto Antico of Genoa, the Museum, curated by the Genoa 1893 Foundation, houses trophies, original documents, shirts, and a historical-cultural heritage that encompasses over a century of history of the city of Genoa. In addition to the sporting enterprises of Genoa, in fact, the Museum also represents a journey into the transformation of the Ligurian capital from 1893 to today, including original images, models, and detailed reconstructions of the events that accompanied the history of the Griffin.

In recent years, the Museum has conceived and created a long series of exhibitions, conferences, events, historical re-enactments, books, and educational activities.

Find out more about Museo della Storia del Genoa on their website and social media:

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