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Musée des Verts

Get to know more about our member Musée des Verts, the AS Saint-Etienne Museum:

Located in one of the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium’s stands, the Musée des Verts was the first French museum dedicated to football and the ASSE (Association Sportive de Saint-Etienne) and is designed to take you on a journey through former glories.

Whether you are a supporter of «Les Verts» or simply love football, emotions run high at the Musée des Verts. With almost 1,000 objects on display, along with testimonials and reports, visitors are immersed in the history of Les Verts and the ASSE – the legendary club and its moment of glory in 1976, the famous ‘square posts’ and players’ shirts.

The visitors can also experience the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium Tour. "Who's the best? The greens of course!" What, you've never heard of the famous Cauldron? Whether you're a supporter or not you can't fail to be swept up by the internationally renowned fervour you'll experience here. This legendary stadium, built in 1931, is an international icon for its supporters who are renowned for their unparalleled fervour.

The 360° virtual tour was launched in early May and the Museum will be renovated this summer for a reopening in September.

Find out more about Musée des Verts and the Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium Tour on their website:

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