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Leaving without knowing when you’re going to return?

A manual to ensure that your collection is going to be safe

General Care

  • Make sure unnecessary plugs are off, short circuits are dangerous!

  • Turn off all devices that are not required to essential functions, for the same reason!

  • In your absence it is essential to maintain the usual environmental conditions so:

- Check your dehumidifiers and make sure they are ready to work if needed.

- If you have a dry environmental situation, make sure you have your humidifiers operational too!

  • Make sure unexpected visitors don't barge in, so close all windows and doors and check your security system for full operationality!

Laboratory and working rooms

  • Organize your working station, don’t leave scattered objects

  • Make sure your solvents and cleaning materials are safely stored

  • Empty water tanks to avoid floods, increased humidity levels and stagnant water (fungi love that!)


  • Make sure there are no objects misplaced, when you return you may not remember why they were there in the first place

  • Storage areas must be kept clean and orderly

  • Aisles must be unobstructed

  • Dust accumulation is an inevitability, so don't cover your objects with cloths or plastics, it will only add weight or create micro-climates underneath. When you return, you'll have time to "spring-clean"!


  • Trash receptacles must be emptied, you don’t want to attract insects, do you?

  • Do not keep inflammable materials in unprotected areas, such as a crawl space

  • Keep your cleaning products in proper storage cabinets

Make sure someone is responsible for going, at least once a week, to check on your facilities: it’s important to check for unexpected situations and if you can identify them, sooner is better than later!

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