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The International Sports Museums Association is a membership network which brings together sports club museums, sports museums and other sporting cultural heritage institutions, that together promote the recognition, importance and the cultural relevance of sports heritage.

The organisation is made up of museums and clubs of international standing that in addition to having a substantial heritage collection, believe that its preservation is a means also of protecting and defining each member’s identity.



To value, preserve and promote the memories of world sports history and cultural heritage.


To be the lead organisation for all matters related to preservation and communication of world sports history and cultural heritage.


To raise awareness within the community of the importance of sports heritage in community identity and cultural heritage.


To promote the recognition, preservation, and promotion of sports cultural heritage; the acknowledgment of its cultural, educational, social and financial value, and the awareness of its worldwide identity and cultural heritage significance.

To promote the importance of the role played by sports cultural institutions in the community.

To contribute to the development of sports cultural institutions as tools for education and culture in the service of every community.

To promote the adoption of sound museum practices within member institutions.

To promote good professional training within the member institutions.

To promote the dissemination of information about sports museology. 

To collaborate with other entities or organisations on programmes of common interest. 




Organisation of exhibitions to communicate the shared history and memories.


Discussion of issues of common interest to member institutions such as conservation, study, communications, visitor attractions, working with the local community, etc.

Exchange of professionals

International exchange programmes enabling the movement of professionals between the member institutions to promote continuous professional development of work teams, allowing them to keep up to date and share best practices.

Research projects

Establishment of working groups of professionals from the member institutions, to publish and share knowledge about the different areas of expertise of institutions with sports cultural heritage.


Establishment of short and medium-length training events such as workshops and summer schools to promote the preservation and value of world sports cultural heritage.

Service provision

Provision of services amongst member institutions. These services can be in museography, registration, restoration and other areas.

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We can all contribute to the recognition and value of the cultural relevance of sports heritage!
We have currently members from several countries, and your country can be the next.



Any club, society, association, group, or other organisation with their own sport-related collection may apply to become a member of ISMA.

If you wish to become a member, fill the request form and we will get in touch with you.



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